Words you cant unsay


Quicky again

Ok only have a minute so skipping all the how ya doings

throwing a couple of pics up.Comment have fun write a story, whatever. gotta go.




next one needs a comment line attached so make one up.





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Yoo-Hoo over here

I want people to do a small project for me please.

Due to some interesting turns in my buddy Looch’s real world life over the past week or so I would like to take a quick little survey if I might.

I’m going to give you all the chance to define 3 little words for me, just to find out the way people all over percieve them. If you choose to not answer publicly that is completely understandable due to the nature of the question.

I would if at all possible like to have an e-mail sent to me with the answers if that’s ok. ( lovehrnightmare@gmail.com )

the more responses I receive the better I can help Looch define his own feelings.

So cowboy up people, there’s a mans heart at stake here.


ok #1 word requiring definition is,      LUST


#2 word requiring definition is,           LIKE


and the last word is,                           LOVE

so have at it people let’s get your point of view so Looch can figure himself out a little..



Oh almost forgot the pic,


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Ok listen up people

Alright, Welcome to the new AND improved HRNightmare blog sight, where you get a face full of really (what I think is funny) loads of cow shit slapped you stupid crapola. OR something completely saine nd relevant to the real world.

Either way your here now and that is what’s important right?

When you stumbled through that door over there and tripped on the carpet, fell face first into the onion dip on the table and broke the bottle of 20-year-old scotch you brought with you….  well yeah your stuck here.

You’re in luck thou, I have nothing planned for the next 17 minutes. After that I’m going to start shooting bean bags at your crotch untill you leave.

Today I bring to you a couple of pics I found on the “Net” when i was supposed to be working.

First up a warning sign for all you Ladies out there, ok more of an It’s ok sign then a warning…



This is the person you run into all the time and Mr. Nice guy’s out there LISTEN UP !!!

Women and some guy’s don’t even know your there. Just to let you know.

You, my friend, have been planted deeply in the friend zone and if you where wondering what that was? Let me show you now ( because I care )



In case you where wondering, see that great big pit that you are being kicked into…  yeah !

That IS the friend zone. A deep dark pit that you shall never climb out of and destin to be in for the rest of your life.

You’re welcome.

Now that I have completely ruined your night/day/afternoon/morning what ever one suites you when you read this.

As if my telling you this wasnt bad enough Well you greedy little pain in the butt, I got more.

Thats right some of you may laugh your arse off, some may cry, you may wet yourself and others will run to shower turn it on as hot as it will go and dream of a happy place just to escape the crap you may or may not see here.

Seeing as you did find your way here and continued to read this even against doctors orders I would like to welcome you to New England.( Not better than old England, Just different. Hi Ms. {queen pissa} Megan)

This is where the Men are Men (and the sheep are scared) and the Women let us be Men(sometimes)

If we don’t like you we let out    Moosis  (that’s right I spelled it that way) off their leashes and make sure you leave.

Well except for Connecticut where you’ll find this instead..

I hate that fucking cat. Snoby as little fucker kept kicking me out of the state.

So where was I  ?  Oh yeah, so any way if you see a nice guys ladies, don’t be scared.

and guys if you talk to a ladies, you can expect to be kicked in the nuts and sent packing cause you suck.


that’s all the time I have for today my close personal friends that I don’t owe money to so to clear your mind of the rambling bull crap I just put you through here is the nice pic  for the day..

* that’s a pretty kitty. But I just couldnt bare leaving you all saying aaahhh what a pretty kitty without finding some way to mess with the masses..

DO NOT LOOK       ***************  JUST***************


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Not much time Quick read this.,

Look closely here at this thing you’re looking at.

See it?

Good now really fast try to figure it all out.

Done yet?


Heres your pretty picture for the day to try to remove the thought of me in your head.

There see I try to do something nice and you twist it all around to make me look like the perv.

Just kidding. I am, so any who, Whats going on out there in the real world? Since I’m not getting out of here any time soon I would really like to know.  OOp to late the nice men with the really warm jackets that make me give myself a hug are here, They bring me to listen to music through these little tiny metal stickers they put on the side of my head. I hope they got a new record thou, the same buzzing band has been playing for my last 4 visits, although the music HAS gotten louder the last 2 times. Anyway… Gotta go. see you in your mind.

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Monday Morning Prayer

Today I would like to bring 2 new pics to you, but since I do not know where you live I’ll put them here instead and hope you see them.
First one should be said out loud before leaving the bed.
The second should be said once you get to the office.
That’s all, and try to scare a cat today, its funny when they jump straight up in the air.

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Welcome back or Pleased to meet you.

Welcome to, well here. As many of you know I enjoy having fun and tell stories about little things that happen

you know what, im a little cramped for time today so just run the pic sequence.


One persons dumb move..



Can impact everyone.


and now I leave you with this.





(thats me in the red shirt)

If some one think’s you joke aint funny,

take the advise of a wise turtle friend of mine. *

Just remember that the really funny jokes in life need time to set up.

as for the rest of this post


keep the laugh track going.

(even if your the only one who can hear it)

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Just one of those days

Ever wake up in the mornin and think

 ‘ It’s just going to be on of those days’

You begin by looking in the mirror and saying

‘ You should have just stayed in bed’

You go to your favored coffee shop and order you usual  and receive some type of off base concoction of crap

when you ask what this crap is that you just got you get

“This is better just give it a chance.”

You get stuck in traffic after leaving the house 15 minuets late to start off with.

You walk into work and realize that there was a conference call you were set to be on 40 minuets ago so your late.

You look at your desk and figure out that there seems to be a weeks worth of work on it and you where only gone for 2 days, and none of it has any us full information pertaining to the documents you’re looking at.

Come lunchtime your break is a welcomed distraction to all the things that have been turned upside down in your day, only to receive a call from a coworker in regards to the conference call beginning that you missed so the 2 of you spend your entire break trying to find the info required for the close of the day.

After your break you return to what appears to be 15 messages from clients asking the status of their ordered parts to which you have no answers and then need to play catchup to find out and returned all the calls with the info, you muddle through the rest of your day and finally at the end of it all its time to go home. Your almost skipping all the way to your car with the biggest smile ever chanting tomorrow will be better, only to hop in your car and find out that you left the headlights on all day and now your battery is dead, you turn around just in time to see the last person your work with leaving the parking lot so you can’t even get a jump-start. When you try to call and see if they can swing by and give you a jump-start your phone is dead because the battery doesn’t hold a charge anymore and you have no way to charge it up.

A glimmer of hope a co-worker returns to pick up some papers he forgot, good fortune, all the way untill you figure out neither one of you have jumper cable because you loaned them to a buddy last week.

finally your buddy was able to call another friend and get a jump.

You race home looking forward to sitting in your favorite chair and crack open a beer, put your feet up and count the hours untill your day is finally done. When you get home your last beer is gone, your cat got sick in your chair and threw up and there seems to be no food remaining in the house, and the satellite is out because the wind took out your dish.

You say screw it and walk into the bedroom just to plop down in bed and finish out the day a little early. and try again tomorrow.

well that wasnt my day, my day was pretty good.

till next time..

keep smiling ( it makes people think your up to something, even if you’re not )

Oh crap this whole post and no pics??


here you go my friends.

HAHAHA you thought I wasnt going to find a way to sneak this in here didnt you.


Keep the laugh track running..

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Today Here and Now

Remember the days when fundraising was supposed to be fun.

Remember the days when you would go to the store and see the girl scouts outside asking for you to buy their cookies?

In this economy even the scouts have fallen on hard times and needed to step it up a bit.

There is a brand new sales tactic that they have implemented, the test market is in the mid-west somewhere.

So be aware when this poster begins to circulate in your area..



Maybe next time you’ll buy 2 boxes.

( this has been a public service announcement for your safety)

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Seeing as how I am posting this at

7:00 pm here

You, my dear are sitting there at 12:00 am

so let me be the first to say to you



All the love we can say to you on the date of your birth.


Keep being you kiddo.


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I like the way I are

Welcome back.

Today I would like to show you something near and dear to my heart,



It’s the simple things in life that counts.

And for a small touch of cool on this post what better way to express awesome then,



Worship at the feet of the master of cool himself.


Run like hell, cause cool of this magnitude can not be contained.

tune in some other time when stuff might be happening (or not)

By, have a good time.


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