Words you cant unsay


Welcome back H.E. :)

Ok, so there has ben a presence missing out here in Blog-land.

That would be the notorious

H. E. Ellis

(hellis for short) or (pain in the ass)

I would like to be the first to welcome her back on this “top secret” road trip of hers to visit the home land of your first book entitled

Gods of Asphalt

As to inspire her second book she has entitled

(Title not yet completed) but we all just call it

Book II (2) that was for the non romans out there.

Her trip, from what I hear, was wonderful. She was able to stick to the outlined road map pretty well.

Here was the trip out to

Valentine Nebraska


Now I know it seems a little askew from What one might do, But you have to realise a trip like this takes a lot of planning and time to visit the important things like.


********Pictures to be inserted at a later time*********


Now on the return trip the route that was taken was a little different from that of going out. See all the trips all over the east coast that she has takin, she never ended up see in the Great Lakes of these fine United States. there for she was able to catch a glimpse of not only Motor city, by the fine Great lakes as well. her return trip looked something like this.


So again I would like to welcome H.E. back and I hope you will too.

Seeing as the pictures from the trip still need to be downloaded from the camera, and some slight editing to be done. Those will have to be a post for another day. ( She really is not a good picture taker)

Untill next time, Watch where you go (or dont) cause you might just find your there already.

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There are signs out there we never see, so stop looking.

Every day we see signs right? Right. Good glad you all agree. Now, when we see signs mostly we ignore them. However, I have found that when you stop looking for signs that’s when the best ones stand out, like this one:

You just gotta feel good when you see that.

It’s like waking up fully knowing you’re screwed from the get go.

Anyway, if you keep not looking you might see some good news coming up ahead, like this:

If it wasn’t for that sign right there I would never have known that! I always thought that the water on the road came from under the pavement to rinse off the dirt.

When you drive there is always the chance you might be able to get some really important things done. Now is when you start looking for signs for what to get done like:

This is my regular drycleaner. Thank God she knows what she is doing. Sometimes there’s a wait to pick up my drycleaning so I like to venture out for a walk. One of my favorite places to go and relax is…

If you’re not sure where that is, it is just past…

Let me tell you, after a restful walk I become quite hungry and need a place to eat. But sometimes the eating establishments around here are lacking in the personal touch department. This one however is not.

After such a lovely meal and dessert, I personally get really tired.

I would love to take a nap. I’m so glad that this place is right next door:

After a nap and having a full belly it’s time to finish up my errands, so off I go again.

Off to the doctors. Being my age certain things are a must like:

Don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t looking for this place. I found it from a sight, in fact it was this sign,

Now what man can resist a colorful sign like that?

But when I got there; boy was I suprised.

After I turned the corner this next sign brightened my day:

Guess where I’m going…

Anyway that was pretty much my day. There was one last sign I saw on the drive home that spoke volumes to me:


So keep your eyes open and see the signs ahead, because some of the funniest things we find

we were never looking for in the first place.

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Don’t pout you’re 22

I never yell at work.
It’s not how I lead my crew. I prefer to lead by teaching, guiding and positive reinforcement, not by intimidation. Well, ever work with that one person you just can’t teach?
Yep I got one. This guy transferred into my store from another store. No big deal, right? Well here’s the issue: His old store had about 350 customers a week; my store has about 350 customers a day. When he wanted to transfer we all informed him that this was a much faster paced store then he might be used to. We gave him 1 full week of shadow training and advised him on the way stuff worked in our store. He has been here 5 weeks now, getting overwhelmed, frustrated and taking it out on others in the store.
OK, roll with it, let him know we all have to work together to get the job done. Well, when you are in my office, the front sales floor can hear you. I do not want the know about the rash you have developed on your ass because you walked home in the rain 2 days ago. I shushed him, then I shushed him again, then he went to lunch. He came back after a half hour and hung around my office. When one of the other workers came in this ” the rash ” story started all over again. A little frustrated at this time. Asked if e was clocked in; he said no. I looked out in the store and when I saw there where no customers, I proceeded to yell at him “SHUT UP, NOBODY GIVES A FLYIN’ FUCK ABOUT SOME KIND OF RASH YOU GOT BECAUSE YOU LOST YOUR GOD DAM LICENSE DRIVING LIKE A MORON AND HAD TO FUCKING WALK HOME THE OTHER DAY. IF YOU’RE NOT ON THE CLOCK GET THE FUCK OUT OF THE OFFICE. NOW!”
Come to find out he spent the remainder of his break time at the farthest corner of the building away from where I was. From what I was told he was just standing there pouting that I got upset and yelled at him. When he came back on, he was amazing, fast working, polite to customers willing to do anything. Afterword I did say sorry and that I was proud of the way he turned the day around. Good job.
Apparently, he was informed that no one there had ever heard me yell at someone before so I must have been really pissed and he was advised to not do that again.

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