Words you cant unsay


Top Secret (sshhhhh)

Alright this one is for the guy’s out there.

First off I want to thank all the men out there who laid there lives on the line and the billions of dollars spent in the pursuit of this document. There where  research facility’s located in multiple locations around the world. They where deep inside the malls. These brave men risked everything to bring us the following information.

Please note this is eyes only information and should not be printed or even spoken about after reading.

This knowledge should be used for the betterment of men everywhere, if we have a clue, then we have a chance.

Please note the finer print on the bottom of the document.

I now bring you the mens key to survival…





I now raise a glass to the pursuit of happiness.

Please note that shoes is NOT the largest part.

 This means that untill we men figure out how to make the largest part of the female brain become dormant, shiny objects and shoes are our only hope.

Good luck guys.





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Just the Stat’s man, Just the Stats.

I have had a opertunity to take a lot of information as of late from all of the people i get to talk to all the time.

I have begone to take that info and turn it into stats.

These are the new and improved states I have put together, please feel free to argue any or all of these views.



And Finlay this was a tough one to figure out..




At this point I would normally leave you shaking your head and asking why? Why do I even bother opening that email alert from this guy, I really gotta restrain from doing that. But you opened it and here you are, Learning a little and laughing a lot.

As some of you know recently I requested outsider info for my buddy Looch.

definitions of three words used often to describe types of attraction. Well to be streight forward with y’all I received a overwellning amount of responses, few on comments, a majority in private.

The answer is clear.

Each and every person has a different description for the word love.

Love ranges from thinking of a cake, to can not live without a special person by their side. There is no clear answer, having said that it is what you precise as love that counts in the matter of the heart.

Like is pretty much the little brother/or sister of love. Like comes in all forms from I like a #2 pencil instead of a ball point pen, all the way up to (and including from an email I received) Licking the inside of my thigh while I ej……  you get the point.

So in conclusion of these 2 points thus far is they are related on a cosmic level and a personal interpretation.

So what does that mean you might ask, nothing you gotta figure those 2 things out for yourself.

Sorry Looch your screwed on those 2.

But wait, HR wasnt there 1 more word that required a definition?

Yes there was            LUST           Would you belive that the word lust is in the same categories as like and love?    yeah me either.  lust is a word that people so far have said the least and commented the most. It is a word seen as dirty, naughty, and sexy all wrapped up in a cute little package and tided up tight to the bed post.  Most people wont speak on this word, but come to find out it is thought about more and fantasized about more than the other 2 combined.

So even if there is not a clear opinion on the word LUST the fact remains it is the least used word, but the most powerful.

That’s it.     Yeah I got nothing else to share today kids.

see ya

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Quicky Test for Guys. (Laidies to follow)

Ok, here you go guys.

Heres the test, you have exactly 2 seconds to look at this picture and pick out as many details as you can.



GO !


Times up.

So who found the…

who the hell am I try in to kid, none of you found anything.

Welcome to the club.


Ladies your turn.

Same style test,

 You’ll have 2 seconds to find as many details of this picture as you  can.



GO !


Times up..

Ok now Who saw the person in the far background on the left hand side?

That’s what I thought..

conclusion :   We are all horn-dogs







Have what ever kinda day you would like to have

I’m not gonna tell you to have a good one if you don’t want to..

so till next time..

C    YA


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Quicky # (whatever)

It’s that time again to leave the crap of the world behind for a moment and become a laughing, drooling idiot like me.

Today I only have 2 funny pictures for you to lift your spirits and bring a chuckle to you funny bone (or hit it with a stick). Here you go folks.


That’s just funny right there, who the hell does that monkey think she is?


and this one is a reminder that size doesn’t matter as much as a strong mindset set.


and as always thanks for stopping by. If im not here when you get here, then I’m at the office compiling all the data I received for Looch. You can leave a message at the front desk or come back again later.

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30 SEC HAHA #1

* We are all screwed*

*Get it?*

I would like to take a second and remind people we still have brave solders over there.

It is up to us to thank them and remind them to not lose their sence of humor.

On a side note I would like to say


Now this is why I can’t be there.

see ya’ll soon

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