Words you cant unsay


Do NOT read this post


What a way to come back right..

okay okay, so yes I’ve been out of touch for a little while doing this and that, blash blah blah…

But I just couldn’t stay away forever.
I mean really, WHAT whould your life be without me??

I know most of you where out there saying to yourself whenever something funny happened.. “Oh where is HR for this”

like the time you went half the day watching a guy walk around with a dried booger on his tie, and each time he looked at you, you gaged.
Yes you gave him a complex and now he sits in his moms basement typing away on his computer all day long visiting bl… you know what we are just going to move on to more funny.

Alright so its spring time, most places anyway, and the weather is warming up, and the birds are coming back and
But I’m ok with that.

Really,?? did you all think that I was the kind of guy that would sit inside on a warm and sunny day??
I’M FROM NEW ENGLAND MOTHER-FUCKERS!!! We only get, like 3 maybe 5 sunny days a year. I’m getting my rock hard ass outside.

(okay so maybe not so much rock hard as pliable, but I blame the fast food, chips ((the fri kind, hi Megan)), energy drinks, hot dogs, and the lack of exercise
booze, and candy, for the current condition of my ass.)

Sorry. What was I talking about?? oh who cares.



Really?? even SHE don’t give a shit about your level.




Oh HR.. You sneaky basted you got me with that one.. says EVERYONE

just trying to keep you on your toes..

Okay that’s the last time I try to gross you out…

HAHAHA..!!! I cant believe you fell for it again… SUCKERS!!!
Alright alright I’m done… for now.

Go home already…. unless you got booze, then come on in and have a seat.
No really go away.
No don’t really come in , get out.
Leave this place.
Remove yourself from here before I get pissed.

okay that’s it now you’ve angered me.
I’m getting MY gun.
Have a what ever kind of day you want to have.. DO IT!!!

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Up side to a bad day :)

Some people say ” there’s always a silver lining “

Some people say “look on the bright side “

I have even heard it said ” the glass is half full “

I thought to myself ‘ self these people are right. You just need to look around a little and find something good that you can look forward to.’

So I did and what I found was I will never need this …





Oh yeah and I almost forgot

Hey Karma,


Now wether your a mile or 2000 miles, across the street or across the pond. Keep smiling because if you dont..



By the way I just got a new web cam. This thing is great too. 



So as you can see, its not just, theres a silver lining, or the glass is half full or even that there is a brighter side to look at, at all.

Its the ability to make someone smile.

oh no seems that i’m


ok i’m over it, so where was I ???

So its ok to have srong feelings for people and things, there was a time awhile back I asked for imput from everone on the … well you remember,

anywho I figured there are certin things its ok to openly admit… like me because…


Ok kids thats enough for tonight sweet dreams to you all


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Almost worked.

Here we go again, 12/27 the returns
So yeah, as some of you know I have a job working in retail.
let as recap the past week and a half,
Step 1, figure out what that special person wants. Category of the item desired
Step 2, Find out the gift for said person , What is it exactly they would love to have.
Step 3, Locate that perfect gift for that special person. Where can it be bought and is there enough
Step 4, Go to purchase the greatest gift ever. After fighting your way to the table and suffering a couple of bruises.
Step 5, Wrap that gift perfectly with a bow. Said persons favorite color paper and Santa splattered on it
Step 5, Tease them that they will never guess what it is. Don’t let them know that they picked it out.
Step 6, They open it a day after Christmas ( because you where with family ON Christmas)
That’s when the pain starts.
That special someone forces a smile and a over exaggerated
“It’s exactly what I wanted. “
Step 7, Find the receipt because her sister got her the same god dam present you did, and gave it to her the day BEFORE Christmas
Step 8, Hunt down the sist..  scratch that. Step 8a,Ttell her that’s fine and drive her to the store to return said gift and pick out something else.
Strep 9, Wait in line for over an hour with every other Man who thought of the same god dam thing you did,
” I give her this gift she will be so grateful I might just get lucky”.
Step 10, She gets what she wants, you get I’m sorry Hun but I promised my parents we would drive up and see them tonight
( which by the way is an hour drive one way )
Step 11, get home, have a shot, go to bed and hope for a better tomorrow.
Good night and good luck people.
By the way, This happend to Looch NOT HR.

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Image Detail

Christmas eve to do list, or wish list, I’m not sure yet.

Wake up, have a drink.

 Turn on TV,have a drink.

 Watch news while having a drink.

 Get a drink, take a shower ( no drink in the shower, that’s just gross).

 Get dressed, have a drink.

 Wrap presents, probably with a drink.

 Put gifts under the tree while holding a drink.

. Get coffee, with a drink chaser.

 Sit and relax with a drink.

. Call the folks for Christmas, while drinking.

 Drink a drink while holding a drink.

 Feeling sick about drinking.

 Get a bite to eat, and drink.

Cook dinner with a drink.

 Put out the plates and dinner each with a drink

. Have a pleasant evening drinking with friends at dinner.

 Say the goodbye’s while raising a glass of drink.

   Man do I love Eggnog.

Merry Christmas to you and your family, friends, pets, and plant’s

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