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Christmas eve to do list, or wish list, I’m not sure yet.

Wake up, have a drink.

 Turn on TV,have a drink.

 Watch news while having a drink.

 Get a drink, take a shower ( no drink in the shower, that’s just gross).

 Get dressed, have a drink.

 Wrap presents, probably with a drink.

 Put gifts under the tree while holding a drink.

. Get coffee, with a drink chaser.

 Sit and relax with a drink.

. Call the folks for Christmas, while drinking.

 Drink a drink while holding a drink.

 Feeling sick about drinking.

 Get a bite to eat, and drink.

Cook dinner with a drink.

 Put out the plates and dinner each with a drink

. Have a pleasant evening drinking with friends at dinner.

 Say the goodbye’s while raising a glass of drink.

   Man do I love Eggnog.

Merry Christmas to you and your family, friends, pets, and plant’s

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