Words you cant unsay


Phoenix at night

Playing with fire is dangerous, however can also be beautiful.


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Match made in Heaven

Need I say more?


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Smile y’all



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Here’s a Question mark for ya.






That’s a big question.

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It’s Friday after all

Passing this along to all your friends is easy. Share this with someone you haven’t seen in a while or someone you just talked to. Whatever you do, just share it.
And don’t forget to save one for yourself because after all your pretty special too.
Here’s to hoping your day is filled with smiles.


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3-21-12 Why Hello There

Today I found my self in an ocean of wonder and gratification.
1 have have lived longer today then anyone would have believed that ever knew me growing up.
2, I had a great time yesterday with all the blogging and picking fun.
 3, I figured out my kids arnt half bad (I had a chance just to sit there and watch them interact with each other, something I haven’t done in well to long).
4, when I got to work today all was green light to go, no really bad issues over my long weekend.
5, I began eating a little better and feeling a little better about what I was eating ( no glass ).
6, It was warm outside and the sun was bright.
7, People where smiling and walking around with what appeared to be a ” spring ” in there step. All was going good, smiles, sunshine, happy.
and then….
Don’t you just hate cliffhanger’s ?
sorry no joke here, just the end of the story
Don’t worry I didnt jump.
or did I ??

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Thank you all for the birthday wishes

I must thank all who has made this day great.

Thank you

Now, seeing as H.E. found it necessary to devolge the date of my birth, here is a little quick thanks.

watch and become mystified as I hypnotize you into a baking genius.

I love you all.



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Why I visit and don’t live here

So as many of you know (or don’t) I don’t read all that much.

I really didn’t pay full attention in school.

And I’m a little slow when it comes to understanding most computer stuff.

I would like to take a second and help all the people out there in blog world with a little piece of info I realized just today.

When you look at your stats page, the number for visits to your blog under the heading yesterday will not increase.

thank you.


ps. it took me this long to figure that out.

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4 leaf clover, where are you?

Ok first of all,
Moving on. As most of you are aware, H.E. Ellis and I are family. We have 3 not too bad kids together and seeing as her and I see them as the most important people we know, we use ALL the holidays to get together. Call it required family time. So anyway, HE follows her Italian roots as most of you know. What you may not know is that she is also a bad Irish cook. Welcome to hell, pull up a seat and get comfortable. St Pat’s day is…well, an Irish holiday, in which there is drinking, games, fighting and cooking. HE is good at 2 of these; games and fighting. Drinking however is a passed out time for her.
People say that if a butterfly flaps its wing in Asia there is a wind that blows in NH (or something like that). Well the other way to look at HE’s drinking is, if a bottle is opened all the way out on Mars, she is drunk as fuck! Now on to the cooking.
I would have sworn that there was no way that a glass cooking dish would ever break under regular use, but her Irish themed dinner caused a 11″ x 9″ glass casserole dish to take its own life. I shit you not!
Now understand this is the same dish I have used thousands of times with no issue. I have dropped it from the sink on its side after washing it. NOT A CHIP. She, on the other hand was making potatoes to go with dinner and prepped the taters ok. Put them in the dish, ok. Placed them in the oven, ok. Removed to stir, now wait…   removed them placed them on the stove, turned and picked up 2 plastic spoons, approached the 1/4″ tempered glass casserole dish, I swear it looked at her and the fucking thing EXPLODED. I shit you not, the fucking thing took its own life as if to say, “You do not follow your Irish traditions, I will have no part of this, Goodbye Grandma, I love you” and fucking exploded.  I wouldn’t have believed it if I weren’t there to see it for myself.
As far as dinner is concerned,
 Just like Christmas.

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The Chocolate didn’t work.

OK so if this is the way YOU woke up this morning you may want to rethink you apology technique.




good luck

till next time

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