Words you cant unsay


THIS IS NOT PORN… or funny

Hey you. Yeah you, the one looking at this screen right now thinking,“there’s nothing to do. I’m so bored. I wish there was a way I could do something and make a difference.But what CAN I do??”
Well lucky for you I’m here now and I’m gonna tell you what you’regoing to do..

You are going to follow this link:


and help out some people that wake up before the ass-crackof dawn and hit the hay well after we have our last night-caps.

Not only do these fires affect livestock and farms, but Iwant you to stop and think for a second.
WHO else does this affect??

Well I’ll tell you……all of us. From the farmer, to the trucker, to the market and everythingin-between.

So please, help out if you can. If not moneys for donations, thenlist them in your nightly prayers.



Thank you.

I now return you to your regularly scheduled search forinternet porn..  happy hunting..

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See me now??

This is how some see me…

Others see me this way….

How the good ones see me…

Thank you.
(purpose for this is for one person who needs a smile)
Hope it helps..
I shall never be a…


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