Words you cant unsay


Yoo-Hoo over here

I want people to do a small project for me please.

Due to some interesting turns in my buddy Looch’s real world life over the past week or so I would like to take a quick little survey if I might.

I’m going to give you all the chance to define 3 little words for me, just to find out the way people all over percieve them. If you choose to not answer publicly that is completely understandable due to the nature of the question.

I would if at all possible like to have an e-mail sent to me with the answers if that’s ok. ( lovehrnightmare@gmail.com )

the more responses I receive the better I can help Looch define his own feelings.

So cowboy up people, there’s a mans heart at stake here.


ok #1 word requiring definition is,      LUST


#2 word requiring definition is,           LIKE


and the last word is,                           LOVE

so have at it people let’s get your point of view so Looch can figure himself out a little..



Oh almost forgot the pic,


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