Words you cant unsay


So true

So true


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Facial Foolishness

Song of the day…Soy Guapo 

I’d like to use my blog post today to draw attention to a little known affliction affecting less than 1% of the population. A disease that both I and my good friend El Guapo suffer from. A disease called Chronic Handsomeness.

Chronic Handsomeness strikes men in the prime of their lives and its effects are devastating (mostly to the women who encounter carriers of the disease). Studies suggest that genetic factors make certain individuals more susceptible than others, but there is no evidence that Chronic Handsomeness is directly inherited. Symptoms of Chronic Handsomeness are unpredictable and vary from person to person. Most suffer from conditions called, Raw Jock and Yallwantmyjunkicitis. 

Men with Chronic Handsomeness are not contagious and just being next to a handsome man or taking pictures while standing next to him will not render you afflicted. Most people with Chronic Handsomeness learn to cope with the disease and continue to lead satisfying, productive lives filled with lots and lots of sex.

Don’t pity us, people. We are just like all of you.

Feliz Cumpleaños, El Guapo


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If your offended by what your about to see, please call 1-800- get your head out of your ass it’s meant to be funny dill-hole

As most know, and I have stated WAY more than once I do not write well so I hide behind pictures and poke fun at, well everybody.

So to bring a smile to a few faces out there I look around the internet quite often and most of the day from my phone, Every so often I take a break from the normal sites where they know me on a first name basis and look at things OTHER then porn. Because lets face it, I’m still a guy. So I find these little haha moments in hopes that some one, some where will get a chuckle from them. So here we go kiddies hold on to your hair piece, Its gonna be a bumpy ride…,



Thats right the armed forces from all over..




















If I have caused ant undue issues in this post, well I really don’t care cause


good night, god bless and all that.

no really get out, leave, vamoosed, remove yourself from my air space, WHY are you still here? Do you understand you being here now at this moment in time is causing a paradox that will never be corrected… move people, I can not stress enough that at this exact moment in time in a parallel universe you are standing to close to that annoying car alarm, which in there universe is considered rock-n-roll and they do it to dance, but that’s not the point. Look I have been pretty nice up to this point but am starting to get angered. FINE, FINE your still here reading this at least do me the favor of taking a look at this if you insist on staying..


you just had to be that guy??

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Turn right at the oak

There is either someone or a few some ones out the that need some cheering up.

If your one, here you go

Never give up.

Find a moment to be silly,

Remember its ok to be lazy some days

and for the ladys out there, I have aranged for you all to have cake.

Here you go..





hope this helps brighten the day a little.

oh almost forgot, for all you guys out there who had a bad day,

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Go ahead… You know you want to touch it…











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Up side to a bad day :)

Some people say ” there’s always a silver lining “

Some people say “look on the bright side “

I have even heard it said ” the glass is half full “

I thought to myself ‘ self these people are right. You just need to look around a little and find something good that you can look forward to.’

So I did and what I found was I will never need this …





Oh yeah and I almost forgot

Hey Karma,


Now wether your a mile or 2000 miles, across the street or across the pond. Keep smiling because if you dont..



By the way I just got a new web cam. This thing is great too. 



So as you can see, its not just, theres a silver lining, or the glass is half full or even that there is a brighter side to look at, at all.

Its the ability to make someone smile.

oh no seems that i’m


ok i’m over it, so where was I ???

So its ok to have srong feelings for people and things, there was a time awhile back I asked for imput from everone on the … well you remember,

anywho I figured there are certin things its ok to openly admit… like me because…


Ok kids thats enough for tonight sweet dreams to you all


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H. R. Nightmare, The teenage years

That’s right People, I have decided to divulge where I came from. Welcome to the creation of the now know HR Nightmare.

If you dislike vulgar language…  GET OUT NOW

If you have a weak heart and are prone to anal seepage…  PLEASE EXIT THE DOOR TO YOUR RIGHT

and last but not least if none of the above bother you at all, but you found yourself here at this site in error..  to late Dillhole your boned.

Now on to the main event. this is a video that was found the sums up my personal teenage years pretty well, the ONLY down fall I found was


But I did have the hair.

So here you go, oh yeah, please keep hands and feet inside the cart at all times, 

Ladies flashing will be graded.

 And please wait untill the end of the ride before attempting to exit.



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Because I can …

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THIS IS NOT PORN… or funny

Hey you. Yeah you, the one looking at this screen right now thinking,“there’s nothing to do. I’m so bored. I wish there was a way I could do something and make a difference.But what CAN I do??”
Well lucky for you I’m here now and I’m gonna tell you what you’regoing to do..

You are going to follow this link:


and help out some people that wake up before the ass-crackof dawn and hit the hay well after we have our last night-caps.

Not only do these fires affect livestock and farms, but Iwant you to stop and think for a second.
WHO else does this affect??

Well I’ll tell you……all of us. From the farmer, to the trucker, to the market and everythingin-between.

So please, help out if you can. If not moneys for donations, thenlist them in your nightly prayers.



Thank you.

I now return you to your regularly scheduled search forinternet porn..  happy hunting..

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See me now??

This is how some see me…

Others see me this way….

How the good ones see me…

Thank you.
(purpose for this is for one person who needs a smile)
Hope it helps..
I shall never be a…


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