Words you cant unsay


THIS IS NOT PORN… or funny

Hey you. Yeah you, the one looking at this screen right now thinking,“there’s nothing to do. I’m so bored. I wish there was a way I could do something and make a difference.But what CAN I do??”
Well lucky for you I’m here now and I’m gonna tell you what you’regoing to do..

You are going to follow this link:


and help out some people that wake up before the ass-crackof dawn and hit the hay well after we have our last night-caps.

Not only do these fires affect livestock and farms, but Iwant you to stop and think for a second.
WHO else does this affect??

Well I’ll tell you……all of us. From the farmer, to the trucker, to the market and everythingin-between.

So please, help out if you can. If not moneys for donations, thenlist them in your nightly prayers.



Thank you.

I now return you to your regularly scheduled search forinternet porn..  happy hunting..

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