Words you cant unsay


All you writers are the same. :)

All you writers are the same.  :)

The ” Chair ” that all of you sit in. Yes you are all the same. Haha just joking. I respect you all. Seeing as now I too am published. Ya-HOO mofo. Read this NOW!!! Or not you choice, but later you’ll regret not doing it..


And if that don’t quite float your boat… Well Piss-off,

No wait come back I’m sorry you know your the one for me, try this instead…

I’m in this one too.


Aaaaggggghhhh shit… I’m one of you…
When the hell.
You know what screw it, I’m good.
That was a close one. Luckily the JD kicked in or there would have been a mess here.
Ok check em out.
Kisses and a kick in the nuts. Love y’all.

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