Words you cant unsay


I like the way I are

Welcome back.

Today I would like to show you something near and dear to my heart,



It’s the simple things in life that counts.

And for a small touch of cool on this post what better way to express awesome then,



Worship at the feet of the master of cool himself.


Run like hell, cause cool of this magnitude can not be contained.

tune in some other time when stuff might be happening (or not)

By, have a good time.


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Today on this blog


Welcome, today I feeling like passing on some small pieces of fun-loving laughter.

But In the great words of the Honey Badger


So on with it. In a typical day walking around an oversized mall

I recommend printing off this pic, in standard index card size.

Gluing it to an index card and attaching it to a popsicle stick and carrying it around.

That way you will always be prepared.



If for some reason that doesn’t show the appropriate amount of polite rejection and the people or person continues to speak in your direction. Maybe the flip side should read like this..



Or not. you decide.

So on with it then, I have not mentioned it but im gonna now.

There is a second page to this blog up there that is kinda blending in the background so its hard to tell its there.

Its called the SCREAM ROOM. bet you see it now don’t ya.

Anyway seeing as there is a shit ton of things people want to say but are worried how they will be taken. This is your chance to


Also check out the blog roll thingy over there ——>>>>>

see it, yeah its set up as a game. Go check these people out. I have yet to figure out how they got here but if they stopped by

they gotta be …


at least 3 popped collar cool, cause 4 is urbercool. (d-bag basted needs a smack down)

So go there, broaden your horizons, open your minds what im trying to say is,


except, I’m sorry for yelling..


No really get out go home.

till next time

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Here’s a Question mark for ya.






That’s a big question.

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Thank you all for the birthday wishes

I must thank all who has made this day great.

Thank you

Now, seeing as H.E. found it necessary to devolge the date of my birth, here is a little quick thanks.

watch and become mystified as I hypnotize you into a baking genius.

I love you all.



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Why I visit and don’t live here

So as many of you know (or don’t) I don’t read all that much.

I really didn’t pay full attention in school.

And I’m a little slow when it comes to understanding most computer stuff.

I would like to take a second and help all the people out there in blog world with a little piece of info I realized just today.

When you look at your stats page, the number for visits to your blog under the heading yesterday will not increase.

thank you.


ps. it took me this long to figure that out.

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The Chocolate didn’t work.

OK so if this is the way YOU woke up this morning you may want to rethink you apology technique.




good luck

till next time

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Sorrow and Tears

Today is a very sad day indeed.
I lost one of my closest and dearest friends.
He has been there for me without fail.
When I’ve had a bad day and just need someone to talk to.
He was there.
When I’ve come home with good news and wanted to celebrate.
He was there.
When I was sad and didn’t want to say anything at all.
He was there.
When I needed him after I hurt myself doing something stupid.
He was there.
When I felt like the weight of the world was on my shoulders.
He was there.
I now commit you to the ground forever.
Rest assured you yourself will never be replaced.
I will always Cherish the memories that we had.
But as you well know, I am not one to sit still long.
If you where still here I’m sure you tell me to move on.
So moving on, here’s my newest friend.
(He probable wont be here long either)
till next time
(I have no idea when that will be)

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Ok so as they say better late then never.

Seeing as I do not have 11 friends to forward this to, and the friends in the blog-o-spear have all ready completed this tag game question and answer section. I am to answer the questions I was asked by both Mr. Edward HotSpur and the lovely Ms. Megan.

First to be completed is Mr. HotSpur because it makes him feel awkward and I think that’s funny.

1) Explain what constitutes the universe, and give two examples.
Matter and I’m going with time and space.
2) What comes first, night or day?
Depends on where you start.
3) How many licks does it take?
1…2…3…Crunch. It takes 3 licks.
4) What’s your deepest darkest secret?
Not sure cant see it. Its to dark down here.
5) Have you ever done something that you regretted, or that was humiliating, and if so, what is it?
Yep, I prepaid that S+M dominatrix.
6) Do you consider yourself attractive?
Not really but the mirror disagrees with that answer.
7) How many partners have you had?
That I can remember. Only 1.
8) Where are you going with this?
All the way to the end.
9) Is there really any better flavor or smell than bacon?
Vanilla body spray from VS smells great and makes me hungry.
10) If you could have any superpower, but only one, what would it be?
11) What is something that you think you should like, but you really hate?
Next up with 11 more great questions is a lovely young lady
from across the pond
Ms. Megan

1.The best moment of your life?

I would have to say that the best moment was learing how to drive a front wheel drive manual transmission Geo             backwards doing donuts in the snow with a couple of friends.

2.The worst moment of your life?

When H.E.Ellis found out I was driving her Geo backwards doing donuts in the snow with a couple of friends.

3.If you could go back and change one thing what would it be?

I would have paid more attention in school so I could appreciate blogging more.

4.If you could go back and tell someone how you really felt when you didn’t, who would it be?

My father. There is a past there that well, kinda sucked.

5.If there was someone who you could tell how you really felt now who would it be?

I’m not sure. Probably Vincent Price, but H.E. ruined that one for me.

6.Your greatest achievement?

My 3 kids and the one on a rent-to-own plan.

7.Someone you wanted to be proud of you who weren’t?

One of my uncles. The nice one.

8.List the best people in your life right now.

That guy, him, her, that person and the one next to him. Oh, and my cat.

9.Your joy in life is…

Living, since I really didn’t think I would make it this far.

10.What you wish you could do but cannot?

Punch dance down the car pool lane wearing nothing but a speedo and smoking a cigar.

11.If I gave you an airline ticket for anywhere in the world were would you go?

Where you at again? And do you have a car pool lane?


I hope this helps understand me a little more.

till next time

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Happy Presidents day

Ms. Ellis requested a photographer for the post she published this morning.

I showed up late for the photo shoot.

This is what I got.







I need a new watch.

till next time

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Fair is Fair in a Nightmare (haha moment for the girls)

Seeing as I am secure with myself I have no problem doing a post like this.

Ladies; this is for you.

I completed my last post with a fun little sign:

Top 10 reasons Handguns are better than women.

Well fair is fair so here you go girls.







There you have it people.


’til next time.

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