Words you cant unsay


Welcome back H.E. :)

Ok, so there has ben a presence missing out here in Blog-land.

That would be the notorious

H. E. Ellis

(hellis for short) or (pain in the ass)

I would like to be the first to welcome her back on this “top secret” road trip of hers to visit the home land of your first book entitled

Gods of Asphalt

As to inspire her second book she has entitled

(Title not yet completed) but we all just call it

Book II (2) that was for the non romans out there.

Her trip, from what I hear, was wonderful. She was able to stick to the outlined road map pretty well.

Here was the trip out to

Valentine Nebraska


Now I know it seems a little askew from What one might do, But you have to realise a trip like this takes a lot of planning and time to visit the important things like.


********Pictures to be inserted at a later time*********


Now on the return trip the route that was taken was a little different from that of going out. See all the trips all over the east coast that she has takin, she never ended up see in the Great Lakes of these fine United States. there for she was able to catch a glimpse of not only Motor city, by the fine Great lakes as well. her return trip looked something like this.


So again I would like to welcome H.E. back and I hope you will too.

Seeing as the pictures from the trip still need to be downloaded from the camera, and some slight editing to be done. Those will have to be a post for another day. ( She really is not a good picture taker)

Untill next time, Watch where you go (or dont) cause you might just find your there already.


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Yoo-Hoo over here

I want people to do a small project for me please.

Due to some interesting turns in my buddy Looch’s real world life over the past week or so I would like to take a quick little survey if I might.

I’m going to give you all the chance to define 3 little words for me, just to find out the way people all over percieve them. If you choose to not answer publicly that is completely understandable due to the nature of the question.

I would if at all possible like to have an e-mail sent to me with the answers if that’s ok. ( lovehrnightmare@gmail.com )

the more responses I receive the better I can help Looch define his own feelings.

So cowboy up people, there’s a mans heart at stake here.


ok #1 word requiring definition is,      LUST


#2 word requiring definition is,           LIKE


and the last word is,                           LOVE

so have at it people let’s get your point of view so Looch can figure himself out a little..



Oh almost forgot the pic,


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Seeing as how I am posting this at

7:00 pm here

You, my dear are sitting there at 12:00 am

so let me be the first to say to you



All the love we can say to you on the date of your birth.


Keep being you kiddo.


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An insight on my new sight

I was a little upset earlier today and was running around seeing red.

I then remember that I received a new pair of shades in the mail last week I havent opened yet.

I found these to be very interesting seeing as how there was no return address or sender info on the box.

Not knowing where they came from nor did I order anything I was quite surprised when I put them on.

This is what it looked like,





The best way I can describe it is


We should all have a pair.

till next time


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Another Quick haha moment brought to you by HR

Running around this fast paced world sometimes its hard to laugh.
Every now and then a friend will send you something that you just have to share.
Now I live in the northeast as many of you know. However I’m willing to bet you didn’t know
that I personally don’t like guns.
Well until I read this.
licence? Check.
Credit Card? Check.
Loving my pistol? Priceless.
till next time.

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Looking for something

If we find something in the last place we look. Why not keep looking. You might find something you never even knew you lost in the first place.

This has been brought to you by

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H.E. Ellis Now What’s Up? (Quicky version)

I was wandering around the ‘net today and thought to myself; “how can I scare the hell out of my friends?”

Then I found this: What’s up now?






It’s ok to wet yourself.

till next time..

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A Quick Nightmare from HR

Ok so as I venture out into the blog world I find myself coming across a lot of small “quickies” out here.

To show my individuality I must do the same. So here is the first “quickie” A random thought, feeling or even something I have seen.

Here we go.

A picture that I have found rings true for so many in this world.




This is just one of those reminders we all need every now and again.


The next one is brought to you in the form of an office poster that should be displayed proudly.




Till the mood hits me again, Live, Laugh Love.

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Pay Attention to the Warning

Ok at the end of this post there is a picture that may upset some people.

Please be warned; if you take offense to sexually oriented humor please leave this post and return next time.

Thank You.

Ok, so if you’re still here, this style funny is right up your alley.

In a fast paced world, have a seat and look around, you might be suprised at what you see.

Maybe you should have a seat at the next table.




In the northeast it gets cold, really cold BUT it has its advantages.

Till next time.

If you got to this point I just had to add this.

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Pain but not the good kind.

I cry myself to sleep almost every night, but i hide it in my pillow,

I hurt on the inside, so I play on the outside.

Ok so I tried to do the broken harted thing for a seconed, yea dosent quite work for me sorry.

this is closed to the way I really am

Yea ok maybe not that bad. Might be closer to,Yep that’s it, hardend outer shell and gooewy inside. as my little girl says.

thats me, glad to meet you.

hows your day??

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