Words you cant unsay


Hulu, Netflix, HBO, Cinemax, TBS

This post has nothing to do with any of them.

I was just wondering how many people would jump on here due to the heading.

Now for the people who know me, or so they think, here’s the real reason why I am here…

Ms. Heellis, for you…


Mr. HotSpur I give this to you my friend…


My dear friend Ms. Megan… (just for a laugh)


My dearest Ms. Bumps….


I give this to you my NYC  fearless friend Sir El Guapo….


 one of the newest ones here visiting this site, Forever Unknown.. ( i am narrowing down who you are by the way)


as for all the others out there who swing over here when your out and about slumming, or just looking for a quick hook up this is for you…

Thank each and every one of you for striving to be original and just being you.. the world would be so boring without each and every one of you..

Gnight and enjoy the dark.



HOLY CRAP…..   I forgot one I am so sorry I didnt even see you there

MR. B R A I N R A N T S…

This one is for you…


Keep it real dude, and thanks for doing what you do.

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Today turned out pretty good.


gonna say this….


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2 Sparlebumps post 1day

After some very careful consideration I have decided to dedicate a second post to my dear friend http://sparklebumpsthebookwhore.wordpress.com/ Because lets face it she deserves it.


I found this while Waiting for a laugh and then it struck me,

When I awoke a few moments later this is what I figured out,



Go check her out, we both know you want to.


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WAKE UP !!! It’s another haha moment

Q: Who do we all know like this?





A:  Sparklebumps.

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Alright people listen up, I have been watching that 9k mark creep twords the 10k make for hits on my blog.

That right I look so what? We all do it, there’s a good feeling when you hit a mile stone like 10,000 views.

I will tell you when I hit 500 i was impressed, I mean I say it all the time, I am not a writer. But when I hit 500 thanks to some pretty cool people out here I thought Nice their pervy funny people out here like my. But really when I see the 10k mark coming up I check that shit out every couple of hours. I promised my self that when I hit 10k, I would either rum down main steer in a bright yellow speedo with a 10-gallon hat on, OR pack it up and say my tearful good bye.

So I have concluded I have no clue why I’m even writing this other than say you are ALL a bunch of teases.

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HR conversation I have had.

Lets take a little trip down memory lane shall we..

This is a flash back to a conversation I have had with the director of Human resources at a former place of employment.

I’ll start it off..

Me: Good morning Mr. Howard how are you today?

I’m Fine HR, we need to talk. (Yeah even then they called me HR)

Ok, I’m freed up right now. What’s going on?

HR we here have come to appreciate the jokes and your schananagins and most are amazing, but…

Wait is this about the new signage I put in the lady’s room ?

No, I didnt even know there was a new sign in the lady’s room.

OK, Is this about having the floor guys put a couple extra coats of wax on the floor, cause I paid the difference out-of-pocket..

Nope, didnt really notice that either, It’s about…

Ok, wait let me guess..  it was the way I wrote on the tp in the stalls to remember to wash your hands before returning to work, because that one I have to say isnt bad just a friendly reminder.. however the one that said smile for the camera probably wasnt to smart I’ll admit.

It had nothing to do with any of that, But I do appreciate you bringing these things to my attention… now let me finish.

Ok I’m listening go ahead.

We where going to give you the JESTER award this weekend and let you give a small speech on the importance of a fun-loving and joyful working enviroment, BUT we wont be able to.

Why not that sounds great, I would love to why can’t we?

Because after this conversation and bringing these things to my attention, you might be looking for a new job.

Are you sure? because there is some thing you should know.

Whats that?

Yesterday the big bosses where here too, and well they thought is was brilliant and keeps people on their toes.

So what does that mean??

Hi how are you, I need to speak to you about your performance review coming up.  I’m YOUR new boss.

So there you have it, When you make someone of authority laugh, you just might stand a chance in the up tight world.

Good by, good luck, and goodnight.

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Hello again, it…

Hello again, its me 🙂

This day of days, I am coming to you live from the streets of anywhere USA.

That right folks here I am, Now funny thing about here is I wasnt here just a moment ago.

 I was there.

I know quite the trick right, I mean how fast must one move to got from there to here. Watch I’ll do it again…

Did you see? Thats right you didnt. Super fast right. Well let me tell ya if there is one thing on the planet I have learned it’s that you can go from here to there, and there to here, but over-yander is every were at once. I know can you belive that? Every single place can be yander. When I first heard that I was in complete disbelief. I tested it and let me tell ya

 it   is   completely   true.

I shit you not. so, next time you say to someone who its over-yeander, don’t be surprized if they step closer to you.

and now that I have wasted you time (lost time not refundable) I Shall give you the Pic in wich you have come here for.

Good night, be safe and may you have the best of luck in what ever the hell you trying to do when you messed it up.



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Request for all days ending in ‘Y’

That is all folks.

see ya

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Coffee, Tea or me ?

This is for all you ladies out there so you can better understand the male brain.

Seeing as some girls don’t quite understand the male mind, this is a little diagram to explain how far a man will travel and why.

 Please be advised that there are some exceptions to these rules and the distances are set from estimates.

Your personal results may very.

Now I give you

Expectations at varying distances.




and there you have it.

If this helps just one person out there it was worth it.

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Casual Friday just got stopped

After some very in depth Conversations with the HR department, we have all agreed that this is NOT suitable attire for ” casual dress Fridays ”
So I asked why on earth did he want me to try it on?
His responce was simple ( after he caught his breath from laughing so hard ) I knew if anyone would try it it should be you.
Yeah, I don’t like that guy


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