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Reflection and one’s self

There comes a time when you have to sit back for a moment and reflect. Reflection is a good teacher. It shows us what we have done wrong, the things we have done right and it shows us how to improve. But there is one reflection that takes the cake.
This is what you do. Sneak in to the bathroom at work, hang a piece of reflective window tint about a foot inside the door way so the reflective side is facing the door. Next close the door (leave it cracked so the next person knows its empty).
Now wait.
While you’re waiting, think about all the good times you’ve had over the years. Then think about all the things you could have dodifferently. Improve yourself and your out look on….   wait…there goes Greg. The fun is about to start!
Now wait for it…wait for it…the sound of the opening door, the girlish scream and then BOOM there it is! Greg just got slammed in the face with his own reflection!
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When you start breathing again, explain to Greg that that’s the sight you and your coworkers have to deal with every day. So apparently not ALL reflection is good. BUT someones else’s reflection can be funny as hell.
If you have a funny story to tell, go do stand up. If you have a story you’d like to share in written form, blog it here. And remember, if it’s funny I say do it.

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